Changing Our Name

First National Bank & Trust Company of Williston changed its name to First State Bank & Trust on January 1, 2020.  First National Bank & Trust opened its doors in 1926 as a state chartered bank under the name of Commercial State Bank.  In 1934 the bank switched to a national charter.  We are returning to our original roots as a state chartered bank, which reflects our mission of serving the residents and businesses in the surrounding communities of our North Dakota locations.

What will remain the same?
First State Bank & Trust will remain under the same ownership and management with the same employees who will continue to provide excellent customer service for all of your banking products and trust services.   

What will change?
Our name.  First National Bank & Trust Company of Williston is now First State Bank & Trust.  

Questions and Answers

1. When did the name change to First State Bank & Trust take effect?
January 1st, 2020

2. Was the bank sold?
No, the bank continues to be owned and operated by Jorgenson Holding Company.  The bank management team remains in place as well as the current Board of Directors.

3. How does this effect my current accounts and loans with the bank?
There is no change.  Your accounts and loans will remain the same as they were. The same banking and lending staff remains in place to continue to provide you with the excellent customer service that you deserve.

4. How does this effect my Trust Department accounts?
There is no change.  You will notice the name of the bank and the logo change on your statement and other correspondence.  Your account will continue to be managed by the same caring staff that will continue to put customer service first. 

5. Will FDIC insurance change on customer accounts?  
FDIC insurance will remain the same.

6. Do I need to notify any companies that take automatic withdrawals from my account(s) or notify my employer regarding payroll deposits?
No, the bank’s routing number will remain the same.  However, if you wish to let the company know of the name change you may do so, but it is not necessary. 

7. Do I need to order new check blanks?
No, you may continue to use any check blanks that you have left.  When the time comes to order more checks any time after January 1st, 2020, the new bank name will be associated with our routing number and the vendor will make the change for you.

8. Do I need a new credit or debit/ATM card?
No, you may continue to use your card until the card’s expiration date.  When you receive your new card it will have our new name, First State Bank & Trust.  All the terms of accounts and excellent local customer service will remain the same.  

9. Why are your emails coming from instead of
With the name change, we registered a new domain "" that has better security built into it, and we will transition away from "". During this process, our current emails will be converted to "" which reflects our new name.

*Note: You may need to check your Junk E-Mail folder for messages from "" and if found, flag them as safe or allowed so you continue to receive our messages.

10. When I visit it redirects me to, is this correct?

Yes, during the transition period, redirects will be used with the goal of everything being transitioned *

11. Do I need to uninstall my mobile banking app and re-install a new one?

No, not at this time.  Although the mobile app displays our previous name it is still the current mobile banking app.  Re-branding of the mobile app will be coming and updates will be provided on our website when that occurs.

12. Additional questions?
Please contact your local branch
  • Williston Branch       701.577.2113
  • Trust Department   701.577.9618
  • Ray Branch              701.568.3321
  • Crosby Branch        701.965.6091