New Digital Banking Platform Is Here!

We are excited to announce the rollout of our new digital banking platform!  This new platform will become available in stages to all customers starting on March 29th.

Apple Store      Google Store


  • Secure Messaging
  • Out of Bank Authentication
  • Account and Security Alerts
  • Intuit Integration – Web Connect and Direct Connect
  • External Account Transfers (A2A)
  • Pay a Person (P2P)
  • Remote Deposit Capture - Savings & Checking
  • Bill Pay
  • Internal Account Transfers including Recurring
  • Check Stop Payment
  • Account Balances and History including Account Reporting
  • eStatements
  • Check Imaging
  • Biometric* login including PIN and Auto Login
  • End User Registration 

*Biometric login is available only on supported platforms


 Attention QuickBooks, Quicken, and Mint Users

  • Q. Will there be a time when mobile or online banking will be unavailable?
    • A. Yes, starting at 5pm on Friday, March 26th, the Mobile & Online banking will be unavailable as we convert to our new digital platform.  Online banking will be available Monday, the 29th.
  • Q. Can I use my old bookmark when logging into eBanking?
    • A. No, you will need to go to and utilize the Account Login box, select "Online Banking", and click "Login".
  • Q. Do I need to register again?
    • A. Yes, you will need your previous account info, the last four of your Social Security Number, and a current savings or checking account number for the registration process.
  • Q. Will all the accounts I have access to show on my new digital banking?
    • A. Yes, if you don't see an account please contact the bank.
  • Q. Will I be able to use my debit card or write checks during conversion weekend?
    • A. Yes
  • Q. Will I need to download a new mobile APP for my iPhone or Android phone?
    • A. Yes, more information will follow regarding new App downloads.
  • Q. I use Quicken and/or QuickBooks, will I need to update anything?
  • Q. Can I still get cash from an ATM using my debit or credit card during conversion weekend?
    • A. Yes
  • Q. Will I have to setup all my Bill Pay accounts again?
    • A. No, all of your current settings will be preserved.  However, you will notice a newer look to the Bill Pay system.
  • Q. Will my scheduled internal account transfers work?
    • A. Yes, if they are scheduled during conversion weekend they will occur once conversion has been completed.
  • Q. Do I need to setup my Account to Account (A2A) Transfers again?
    • A. Yes, the accounts will need to be verified again, two microdeposits will occur to verify account ownership.
  • Q. Will my account alerts need to be setup again?
    • A. Yes & No, while some of the account alerts will transfer others will be newly available.  It is recommended you verify all alerts after conversion weekend.
  • Q. Do I need to re-order checks? 
    • A. No
  • Q. Will my account names be the same? 
    • A. No, account nicknames will need to be set after conversion weekend.
  • Q. Will E-Statements be available on the new platform? 
    • A. Yes
  • Q. Can I use the same username and password that I currently have? 
    • A. The new platform has increased security measures, please follow the guide when you register your new account for specific details.

    Visit this page often as we will be updating it with additional news and a Q & A section for commonly asked questions regarding this digital banking platform change. 

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